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    Theo Sigmar 019


    Europe’s famous cathedrals’ stained glass windows resonate with splendour, countless shades of light and a sense of warmth. Theo’s designer Ti Vandenbroucke, designed five gorgeous stained glass models of sunglass. Each and every ray of sunshine will put you in the mood for a unique feel-good, look-good, experience. And what about the acrylic lines around the edges? The lead around your stained glass windows, of course!

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      It started with a desire that couldn’t be denied any longer: It was 1987 and we were hungry. Hungry for a different pair of glasses. And we were fired up to get to work.

      Together with Patrick Hoet (designer and anagram namesake of ‚ÄėTheo‚Äô) we decided to create original eyewear for our shops in Antwerp and¬†Bruges.

      The first Theo models launched made a bit of a splash and enthusiasm is contagious! Colleagues were soon asking whether they too could sell Theo in their shops. Little by little and country by country, Theo won over more hearts. This had an impact on us of course. It encouraged us to continue on our chosen path.

      We were increasingly determined to design glasses that always incorporate a touch of humour, individuality and a certain edge. And we’ve stayed true to this vision.

      After all, our goal has never changed. Together with the Theo optician, to offer the glasses-wearer an unforgettable experience.

      Now, a good 25 years later, we are tremendously proud to be able to collaborate worldwide with a select group of individual opticians who have embraced Theo and who in turn, bring our love for design, originality and quality to their customers.

      But our story doesn’t end here. Theo continues to grow into a platform where designers of all kinds (glasses, fashion, furniture, etc) can work in synergy with a small army of enthusiastic employees in our warehouse in Antwerp. The drive to keep on inspiring and surprising is simply in our DNA. That and our love for our fans. Theo (really) does love you.