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    Francis Klein Scarf C89


    If you wear Francis Klein, you are feminine and proud of it! You may have been called a girly girl but you’re not bothered. You boldly wear polka dots with stripes; always the life of the party, people seek you out for your passion and zest for life.

    While you love a romantic dinner at home, you are also comfortable mixing it up with your friends at happy hour. When small, people would comment on that ‘sparkle in your eye’. Now all grown up your ‘sparkle’ is still alive and beaming for everyone to see!

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      Francis Klein is a family-run business, designer frames for eyeglasses, created by optician Francis Klein and his wife Michèle. They realised glasses had become true fashion accessories, so they decided to stand out from the market by launching their own original collection. Today, their two daughters Dixie and Betty continue to develop the business’ reputation in a Parisian showroom. If the brand is rejuvenated, its core values remain the same: craftsmanship, elegance and creativity.