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    About Kuske

    What is Kuske?

    More than just amazing optical frames and sunglasses

    Just when you thought you won’t find the frame that you want to fall in love with, you discover Kuske Eyewear.

    At Kuske we will introduce you to a world of artistry, not satisfied to simply offer the cheapest frame – we strive to introduce you to the frame that as many as 37 different people have been involved in producing. That’s 37 different pairs of hands from the initial design process, hand cutting and shaping of plant-based acetate (no petrochemicals here), or forging of titanium, stainless steel or aluminium, to the delicate assembly, hand finishing, and meticulous painting all wrapped up in gold-standard quality control.

    We want you to fall in love with your new frame, a frame that not only compliments your style, it compliments your personality and expresses your place in this world. A frame that fits well, so that when you put it on, you smile and feel at home. And a frame that carries the best optical solutions, so you not only ‘look good’, you ‘see good’.

    Kuske Nelson store
    Kuske Nelson store

    We love what we do and we want you to experience the joy and excitement of a new frame that will attract the right kind of attention. We know it can be daunting choosing a new frame – so relax, and let us help you with honest, professional advice and guidance; you are in the best hands when you come to Kuske – unapologetic eyewear, unsurpassed service!


    Reiner and Claudia Kuske opened Kuske – Individual Eyewear in 2009, an eyewear boutique that specialised in a small number of high-quality, mainly European, frame collections and lenses.

    They successfully created, then filled a niche that opened up after the arrival of yet another, low-cost, supermarket-style eyewear chain in New Zealand in 2008.

    Reiner and Claudia have since retired and handed the reins to Phillip & Lyn Matthews of Matthews Eyecare – New Zealand’s largest, truly independent, eyewear company. Matthews are committed to maintaining the pioneering spirit of Kuske as Reiner and Claudia had seen it, and will open the second Kuske Eyewear boutique in Napier, January 2024.

    Matthews CEO, Michael Cochrane, says: “We are proud to open the first eyewear boutique in Hawke’s Bay, offering bespoke European-made eyewear. It was a natural choice to select New Zealand’s Art Deco capital as the home for our second boutique. The city and its people are synonymous with good taste and an eye for the finer things in life.”

    Matthews Eyecare CEO Michael Cochrane

    Today, Kuske Eyewear is a highly respected and well-established destination for exceptional eyewear, and is sought-out by discerning followers of impeccable eyewear from all over New Zealand.